There’s no such thing as Impossible

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Mick Ebeling makes the impossible, possible. Since 2007, Mick has used his skills as a hacker, innovator and storyteller to help people in need. His incredible work has gained him recognition and respect throughout the tech world. He invited me to visit his California-based company, appropriately named “Not Impossible,” to witness some of their incredible work firsthand. At their cottage-turned-lab, I met Mandy Harvey. Mandy, a jazz singer, lost her hearing over a nine-month period when she was 18-years-old. For the first time in eight years, Mick and Not Impossible’s lead developer Daniel Belquer were going to help Mandy experience music in a whole new way.

“I look at the world and look for things that we think are impossible. And then we just figure out, come hell or high water, how to make it possible.” — Mick Ebeling

“Today she’s actually going to sing, and it will be the first time that she’s felt her own voice on her body,” Mick explained. “Music: Not Impossible,” which uses straps with tiny motors to send different aspects of music throughout Mandy’s body, is their latest endeavor.

As the instrumental part of Mandy’s original song played through a computer, Mandy began to sing along, and was almost instantly overwhelmed with emotion. She signed, “I can feel the bass, the drums, the piano!”

Watch our complete interview at Yahoo News.

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