Crime fighting will never be the same

Since Superman made his first appearance on the printed page in 1938, superheroes have been a staple in American storytelling. For years, people associated superheroes with men in capes and masks such as Batman, Superman or Spiderman, but times are changing and the notion of comic book superheroes being a boys club is a thing of the past.

Publishers like Marvel, DC and Image have answered the demand for more female protagonists; writers and artists like G. Willow Wilson, Kelly Sue DeConnick and Babs Tarr are making it happen and the comic book industry has never seemed so diverse.

Female superheroes, including characters like Ms. Marvel and Batgirl, are redefining the gender roles that for years depicted women as “damsels in distress.” In fact, there are more female superheroes in comic books than ever before. Even Hollywood is catching up — upcoming films like “Wonder Woman” and television shows like “Supergirl” show that a new day is dawning. Move over guys, the world of crime fighting will never be the same.

Check out my complete Yahoo News piece about the Rise of the Female Superhero below!

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