“Just Mercy: Race and the Criminal Justice System”

I was somewhat trepidatious when I was asked to moderate a panel, “Just Mercy: Race and the Criminal Justice System,” at Stanford University. Race can be such a challenging conversation and sensitive subject, it’s sometimes difficult to be honest and truly understand another person’s perspective.

It’s also such a mammoth topic, it’s difficult to cover the various aspects of race in America in one panel discussion. But I left last night feeling as if I had learned so much — so enlightened, so moved, so inspired — and yes, even hopeful.

Bryan Stevenson is an amazing speaker, but more importantly, he’s an amazing person and I so admire the work he’s done. If you listen to his talk at Stanford, I think you may feel the same way.

Meanwhile, be sure to listen to the story Jennifer Eberhardt tells about her then 5-year-old on an airplane. No one expected the turn her story would take — and it says so much about us and about how racism permeates our lives from a very early age.

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