Advocate and author Houston Kraft opens up about why kindness should be more intentional.

Courtesy of Aiden White

Everything you wanted to know about “the change of life” but were afraid to ask

“I don’t know when the red on-air sign in the broadcast studio will flip back on again, or when the virus will meet its match in a tiny glass vial”

Jillian Kuehn

In her new documentary, ‘The Way I See It,’ she captures the White House through former photographer Pete Souza’s eyes

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The do’s and don’ts of handwashing amid flu season and Covid-19

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A University of Kentucky nursing student on learning medical procedures over Zoom

Courtesy of Julia Way

The author and comedian weighed in on cancel culture and the need for laughter amid these uncertain times.

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Katie Couric

Founder, Katie Couric Media. Newscaster: Wake-Up Call. Podcaster: Next Question. Doc filmmaker. @SU2C founder.

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